Yoga with Friends and Babies

$10 for adults.

$5 for participating and mobile children (non-mobile children, and babes in arms are free).
$2 for mat rental.


A relaxed drop in yoga with other parents, with or without babies, pregnant or not, a time to work, relax and talk each week. Ideally suited for those who don’t want to walk into a yoga studio – this is yoga in “someone else’s living room”, join us in our comfortable home-clinic space and get personal help where ever you’re at.

Please book a spot ahead of time as space is limited.

Yoga with Friends FAQ

Do I need to have done yoga before?

Not at all. If you’re never done a single second of yoga before that’s fine. If you’re a pro and just want a relaxed place to go, you’re also welcome. It’s your space, and everyone is welcome!

Do I need any equipment? Special clothes?

If you show up in pi’s with the kids wearing their breakfast… that’s just fine! Generally light exercise clothes are good, but anything is fine. You may bring your own mat, or you may rent one from us for $2 a visit. We have both thin mats, and thicker “crash” mats for those with wrist or knee issues that want more cush. The yoga takes place on a thin carpet.

Can I bring my baby/toddler/child?

Of course you can! There is no separate child supervision at these day time events as we use the large room that we usually supervise children in. But if you feel you can manage them in our comfortable space, or might even enjoy doing moves with them (our instructor Krista is happy to lead you), they are more than welcome to come. If your child will be participating, please purchase an add on spot for them. Babes in arms are always free.

Do I have to be pregnant/postpartum/a parent to come?

Nope! Yoga with friends is for everyone. Sure many of us will be moms, but we welcome other parents, non-parents, family, and friends to come too.

Do I have to register for a certain number of classes/session/series?

No, you’re welcome to sign up for any given day that has spots left, you can book them all weeks ahead, or you can check the night before to see if there’s still room. Pre-book your slot on our booking widget above.

Is there parking? How do I get there? Can I bus?

See our Contact Page for directions and more.