Registered Massage Therapy

massageDo you fantasize about running away to a deserted island? Would you settle for a massage?

The Birthing Space provides a calm, home like environment to bring your kids and stay a while, an RMT that’s familiar with the hard work of pregnancy, the stresses on the breastfeeding body, the aches and pains specific to the postpartum parent, AND supervision of your little ones during your visit.

Using an extra padded extra wide table, extra pillows (even a snoogle if you want), we’ll do anything we can to keep you comfortable, we even have a special foam cover if you need additional hip support.

Erin our RMT offers

  • pregnancy massage, including hip discomfort, back pain, optimal fetal positioning, etc
  • postnatal massage for recovery and health
  • lactation specific massage for general comfort, or for drainage or clogged ducts (can include breast massage or just the areas around the chest back and shoulders)
  • massage for any age and stage of parenting (grandmas, dads, moms, all welcome!)
  • infant massage for help with breastfeeding issues (torticollis, TMJ, tongue tie), post birth neck or body tightness
  • child massage for children 12 and under, parent is welcome to accompany
  • or just because!

Reiki is also available, just ask.

Child Supervision Available

Your children will play in our family use space and you are welcome to stay for as long extra as you want to eat lunch, play, chat, and enjoy your day. The family space use fee is $10 per child per visit for any length appointment (there is no charge for babe’s in arms that stay with their parent). IMG_2478

Request an appointment online. You will receive an email to confirm!

Who is your massage therapist? Is it covered by insurance?

Erin Clark is our RMT, she is registered and therefore you will receive a receipt that is covered by most extended insurance plans. She has additional training in perinatal needs and is a mom as well, and understands the specific concerns of pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby wearing, tired parents, etc.

Where is my child supervised?

Your child is watched in our main family use space which is safe and fun for all ages, with available toys, books, and games. Older children will be played with. Younger children will be carried, help, and loved for the entire appointment if needed.

Who will be watching my child?

Our co-owner and RECE Denise Coleman is the child supervision organizer and the primary child minder. The other co-owner Maria Andrusiak Morland is almost always on site, and assists with child minding. On occasion, one of our other doulas may fill in, but you will be informed who is available that day if you are uncomfortable.

My child has never been left with anyone / doesn’t take a bottle / hates strangers?

Denise specializes in first time care for exclusively breastfed children, toddlers that have only every wanted mom, and separation anxiety in all ages. In over 10 years of child care, she has always found a gentle, loving way to help a child for an hour without pressure. As an RECE, a postpartum doula and a breastfeeding counsellor, she has the skills to attend to all children.

What ages can be supervised? Is a newborn too little? A school aged child too old?

We will happily take care of any aged child. If your child is young enough or old enough to simply go with you into the massage area, then they are welcome and free of charge. There is enough room in the treatment area for a car seat, or a child to sit/lie down on the small couch or chair with a book or game. If you find they need more attention, they can come up to the main area and be taken care of in our family space for the same flat rate. A day off school, homeschooled children, or a new baby should never stop you from having a massage!

Are you breastfeeding / bottle feeding / cloth diaper / disposable diaper / newborn / baby wearing / soother / etc friendly?

Yes of course. We’re not here to change your parenting, just to help you for an hour. We will lovingly help your child they way they are used it. We also have several of our own carriers that we use to keep babies happy in strange arms. Your child will never be left alone to be sad, and if too sad for your comfort we will ask for your help.

Is this day care? Can I leave the premise?

This is supervision or “child minding” only. Parents or guardians must stay on the premises and have ultimate responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the child. We will of course do our very best to respond to your child and ask you if we need assistance.

What are your health and safety standards?

The family space is checked daily for child safety, and is cleaned each business day with regular cleaners and each week with hospital grade cleaners on touchable surfaces. All staff are CPR/First aid trained. The property, while a comfortable home clinic, is also a commercial standards building with wired fire alarms, and commercial fire extinguishers, etc.

Is there parking? Can I get there by bus? Where are you located?

Contact Info Please see our contact page for directions and parking.