Doula Training & Support

  • Are you a doula training and looking for resources?
  • Are you looking for a doula to step in on a consult for an advanced concern the mother has run into?
  • Are you a student and need a mentor?
  • Do you want to shadow a birth?
  • Do you need to talk about becoming a doula?
  • Need childcare as a doula?
  • Want to talk about how to make a doula business work for you?
  • Do you need to talk through a difficult birth assistance experience?
  • Do you want to work with us as a birth photographer, postpartum doula, or consultant?

As experienced, long term doulas, we remember what it took to get us here, and our mentors were a big part in our learning and support to keep us going.

If you have questions, or don’t know who to turn with a difficult experience, get in touch.