Our Village Services Parent Support

We love our birth, breastfeeding, and babies. But we haven’t forgotten that parents are people too, and they need to take care of themselves day to day.

So for questions about day care, or how to wean, or for help around the house, or to have a massage, or to get to a dentist appointment, we’ve got you’ve covered there too.

Our Village Services

It takes a village to raise up the whole family! When no one else is there to help, we’re your village!

We provide:

Short Term Care

Sometimes, it is necessary to go to an appointment. We can come to your home and care for your child or children while you go do these important tasks. In some cases, It is also possible for me to accompany you on your errand and attend to the care of your child close by. This is especially helpful to families of young babies when wanting to minimize the duration of separation.

Family Doula Care

We provide “postpartum” doulas at ANY age and stage. We have attended to parents ll lookth illness when the child was a toddler, or when an older adopted child joined the family. At The Birthing Space parents never age out of doula care.

Parenting Gentle Guidance

Need help with disciple for your toddler? Don’t know if what your child is doing is normal? Need new words to help you and your spouse work together to solve problems.

There’s a lot of parenting advice out there, but not many people that will actually help you through YOUR situations, in a helpful, gentle, calm way. We teach the norms of what should be biologically expected and also counsel on the specific help you’re looking for using only attaching, gentle methods.

Navigating Child Care Support

Are you heading back to work? Don’t know what breastfeeding, or sleep will look like after you return? Are people telling you you have to wean or sleep train for your day care provider? What can you really do to support your gentle parenting choices, and how do you pick a day care provider that will do what you want, not choose for you?

Welcome Home Services

Are you returning from the hospital after birth, or from a trip and need some help. We can clean up the house while you’re gone or get you packed in the van to go. Wouldn’t a spare adult make things easier?

It takes a village

Everyone needs help on their parenting journey. We're stronger together. Initial Phone and email consults are always free.