Lending Library

We make a full lending library of birth, pregnancy, baby, fertility, and sleep books, baby carriers, pregnancy and breastfeeding pillows, and other helpful items.

Clients of The Birthing Space can borrow most items for free. Other parents can borrow most items for a nominal fee.

  • Books
  • Pregnancy Pillows
  • Breastfeeding Pillows
  • Baby Carriers (Wraps, Mei Tai, Backpack soft structured carrier, ring sling)
  • TENS machine for labour or postpartum recovery ($70 rental for non-clients, $30 for birth clients for a 4-5 week rental, or $20 per week)
  • Birth Pool accessories, power pump, shower adapter, etc

Small single use breastfeeding  items are also available for purchase:

  • Foley infant feeding cups $10 each
  • lactation 5 french tubes for supplementation $2 each
  • 10 and 20ml syringes $2 each