Fertility Awareness and Menstrual Cycle Education

Most woman don’t know the first thing about their menstrual cycles. Some couples don’t understand their fertility, and what’s going on in those parts of their bodies. Some woman are struggling with difficult cycles, infertility, secondary infertility (not getting pregnancy after an “easy” first conception”), pain, irregular cycles, PCOS etc. Some couples are just sick of their birth control, or don’t know their birth control choices at all.

We teach, and counsel all ages and stages of fertility, to all couples and singles:

  • same sex moms fertility Puberty and self-esteem classes for teens, and preteens
  • Menstrual cycle fertility awareness
  • Birth control choices counselling
  • Optimization for IVF, or IVI, etc
  • SymptoThermal Method for pregnancy avoidance and/or conception
  • Infertility counselling: long preovulation phases, short luteal phases

We run classes, and seminars regularly, and do one on one and couple counselling at any time.

  • Initial Phone and
    email consults are always free.
  • In-person services generally start at $40 an hour
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