Disabilty Tax Credit Case Appointment Available for Two Weeks Only

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Curious about whether your child qualifies for the disability tax credit? Do you have a special needs child, or is one of your family members struggling with a functional disability? Know that you want to apply for disability tax credit but need help with the paperwork?

We are happy to welcome a volunteer case manager who has specialized in assisting families with the disability tax credit for nearly a decade.

We are opening up appointment slots completely free of charge for the next two weeks for families to simply come and talk about or get the application underway.  No sales, no products, no follow up costs or percentage taken – this is free volunteer information to support families in the area!

Frances Andrusiak BA, BSW, MSW is a case manager specializing in assisting families with the disability tax credit. Her husband Nick had Parkinson’s and a spinal cord injury. She was his caregiver and care manager for 21 years. She now volunteers this service so that other families can get the support they need.

Want to know more? Give us a ring or simply make an appointment yourself online and we’re happy to answer any questions.