Disabilty Tax Credit Case Appointment Available for Two Weeks Only

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Curious about whether your child qualifies for the disability tax credit? Do you have a special needs child, or is one of your family members struggling with a functional disability? Know that you want to apply for disability tax credit but need help with the paperwork? We are happy to welcome a volunteer case manager who has specialized in assisting families with the disability tax credit for nearly a decade. We are opening up appointment slots completely free of charge for the next two weeks for families to simply come and talk about or get the application underway.  No sales, …

Who’s along for the ride? The roller coaster of early parenthood.

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Guest Post by Laura Grafton-Adams, Part 1 The first thing I discovered about breastfeeding was that it is one major roller coaster ride. It is messy at times, stressful and fun. One moment it can be painful, and the next leave you wondering how a moment could be so perfect. As I began my own personal breastfeeding journey, I very quickly found that it is a journey one cannot travel alone. I count myself as of the fortunate ones, born into a family where breastfeeding is the tradition. I was breastfed long enough that I have memories of tandem feeding …

Growing Up Healthy 2016 Winner!

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The winner of our Growing Up Healthy 2016 $100 Prize Pack including a Ju-Ju-Be Fuel Cell Lunch Bag, Moon Orchid face and body products, plus toys for kids, and chocolate for parents is…. AMY H. Congrats Amy! We can’t wait to see you enjoy it!

You won a Tula…..

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There were 4435 entries for our second Tula contest (holy moly what?!?). Thank you so much to everyone that liked, shared, posted, commented, and answered. We’re super excited to announce the winners.   And the person who rafflecopter says is Queen of the Tula is…. Kate Kennedy of Kitchener! Thanks for so much for your care and support of our organization, we’ll be back with more prizes soon! Maria & Denise  

Best Babysitting on the Block

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Wish you had an extra 1.5 hours?Give yourself 90 minutes to get something done this week. Drop your kids off at our Best Babysitting on the Block Event, and go do anything you need to get done. Denise and the rest of the TBS team will watch your children in our communal space. Get present shopping done. Go finish some work. Have a lunch date with your spouse. An extra 1.5 hour this week to use any way you wish. ONLY$0For 1.5 hours of BabysittingConnector.DateFriday December 4, 2015 (that's this Friday!)Connector.TimeChoose your time slot: 10:00am, 11:30am or 1:00pm. Each slot ...

Blue Friday Deals

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We’re feeling not so blue about sharing some of our year end news and deals! Infant Sleep Workshop is almost 60% off: Our next sleep workshop is coming up on Friday December 18th. Discounted this one time to $30. In 2016 this workshop will be going back up to $75. Save $100: Birth Doula prices are going up in the New Year. Last Chance to lock in the old price for any EDD. Save $100 over next year’s prices. Save $50 on a Labour Pool: We have 1 Labour Pool Rental available for $125. The first person to book this deal gets …

Do you want to WIN A TULA!??

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(No we didn’t just sing that to the tune of “Do you want to build a snowman?”, we don’t have 7 year old daughters, nope, wasn’t us… 😉 ) We loved giving away our first Tula. So now it’s time to do it again! We won a Toddler Little Robots Tula, and we thought…. let’s give it to you! Just a few days ago we were nominated for the Mompreneur $30,000 prize for new women entrepenuers. With this prize we would be able to open our new full-time location for parents to gather and work together with our parent practitioners …

Shifting Gears: The Power of Mommy Brain

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Originally Published in The Holistic Parent Blog November 18, 2015 | by Maria Andrusiak Morland We’ve all heard the term – mommy brain. We thought we were effective adults before we had a baby and one day we wake up drool-soaked, covered in milk, wearing our pajamas for the third day in a row, and we cry over the cell phone bill because we don’t understand it. Or we call our partner to come home early because there’s no dinner, nothing is cleaned up, and we just found our breakfast in the cupboard and our clean coffee cup empty on the stove. …

Good Sleep Habit(at)s – Quieting the Critics in Favour of You

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First Published for The Holistic Parent Summer 2015 Edition Sleep. Every parent wants it. Very few of us get it. And the less we get – the more it’s all we crave. So what to do when after having a baby it’s all you think about? If you’re like most parents, myself included, you start to research, which means you google it. Usually at 1 am. “How do I get a baby to sleep?” “How long should babies sleep?” “Do babies need to self-soothe?” “Where should a baby sleep?” “Why won’t they just go to sleep!” And the internet tells …