Birth Pool Rentals & Water Birth Services

We rent a fleet of 3 professional level pools available to all birthing persons, whether you’re a client or not. We take great care for you to have the best pool experience: whether you are planning to have a water birth, or just to use the pool for labour or pregnancy comfort; whether you are do-it-yourself and just want to pick up a pool kit, or if you want help with every step of setting up and running your pool.

We rent these pools as inexpensively as possible in order to make it accessible for water labours even if you don’t plan to have a water birth, or plan on transferring to the hospital for the birth itself. We want every person to have the choice of using water.

We rented a birth pool and Maria was amazing with communication and being able to find us a rental last minute!Matt from Oakville

Birth Pool Rentals

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    Hospital Quality Sanitized

    We only clean our pool with eco friendly but hospital strength cleaners. Every single item is sanitized for your safety.

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    All Eco Materials

    All pool materials and accessories are specifically chosen to be free of BPA, phthalates, lead and cadmium.

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    Full Accessories Kit

    We supply every single item you will need for your set up. Just add water.

Everything you Need
4 Week Rental

Grace was a super calm force and helped a great deal before, during, and after. I messaged [with a problem] and within a few hours Maria was in my house giving information and options and making me feel better.Rachel in Kitchener

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! We love to talk about birth pools!

You can fill out this intake form, and we’ll call you back. Or give us a ring during office hours.

The Pool:
• professional quality, hospital quality cleaned pool
• custom aquaborn fitted inner liner (disposable) (many pools rent with a unfitted liner)
• outer cover (for heat retention and comfort getting in and out)
• lid (for heat retention)

The Accessories:
• AC Pump to inflate pool
• Submersible siphon starter to drain
• Plastic drop sheet
• Faucet Adapters for shower and sink; Non-threaded silicone thread adapter for ANY small faucet, simply slides on
• Floating Thermometer
• Waterproof Flashlight
• Mesh Strainer
• Water Resistant Smart Phone Pouch
• Instructions

Have your own pool? Borrowing one from somewhere else? Of course you can rent an accessories kit. Just ask!

All Birthing Space doula contract clients enjoy 20% off birth pool rentals. Ask for your coupon!

We rent Aquaborn Eco Professional and Hospital Grade pools

We supply only custom fitted Aquaborn liners.

The Aquaborn Professional pool is the highest specification pool available and is ideal for anyone considering a home or hospital water birth.
Aquaborn birth pools are fully portable, come with heat retaining lids, they can be used for more than one birth, they come with eco liners and they are fully recycleable.

All of the Aquaborn pools are made from durable PVC containing no phthalates, lead or cadmium.

The heat retaining lids keep the water hotter for longer and its ergonomic design improves manoeuvrability around the pool and better support person access.

Each Aquaborn birth pool has the unique anti slip white floor and boasts an internal depth of 68cm making these the deepest, greenest and strongest inflatable birth pools.

Pool Dimensions:
External max dimensions 71 x 59” or 180 x 150cm
Internal max dimensions 55 x 44″ or 140 x 110cm
Internal depth 27″ or 68cm.

The pool needs about a 6.5″ or 2m circle for setup with access on three sides, or in a corner with at least a space for one person to step into.

The kit is fully contained within a large (boring and black 😉 ) hockey-bag sized duffle bag. It’s a bit large and awkward to carry (so best to have help for the pregnant person). =)

It will fit in an average trunk, or back seat, and doesn’t need any special sized transport.

Cool huh!?

Water Birth Services

Troubleshooting by phone or email is included with your birth pool. If we can help you set up over phone or email we will try. If you need additional assistance, there are more options, which can be purchased at any time.

Dry Run Lesson and Set up

Spend an hour with a water birth doula helping you set up and making sure you know how to use the tools.

Emergency After Hours

Call anytime day or night for help with birth pool questions and assistance.

Take Down and Clean by Doula

Pool must be drained with only a small amount of standing water, with any large materials removed.

Drain, Take Down and Clean

Pool water can be in “as is” condition, doula will clean. Great for single parents, hospital transfers or postpartum admissions, or those who just want full service.