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Wish you had an extra 1.5 hours?

Give yourself 90 minutes to get something done this week. Drop your kids off at our Best Babysitting on the Block Event, and go do anything you need to get done. Denise and the rest of the TBS team will watch your children in our communal space.

Get present shopping done. Go finish some work. Have a lunch date with your spouse. An extra 1.5 hour this week to use any way you wish.

Denise RECE babysitting child supervision
For 1.5 hours of Babysitting
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    Friday December 4, 2015 (that's this Friday!)

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    Choose your time slot: 10:00am, 11:30am or 1:00pm. Each slot is 90 minutes long.

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    This is offsite babysitting. That means you can leave while knowing your children are well taken care of. You have 90 min to do anything you'd like. Just please be back on time so we can serve the next group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, we’re not. Denise is a Registered Early Child Educator (amongst other things), Maria is a certified Peer Counsellor (amongst other things), and our team is made up of highly skilled doulas.

But that’s what makes us the Best Babysitters! We’re keeping costs down at this event, by “only” babysitting your children. But rest assured, our usual high standards apply.

Of course. You can come anytime ahead of time, and stay a bit extra if you need.

Heck, hang out with us the rest of the day if you want.

Doors open at 9:30 and close at 3 though. =)

In order to have the largest number of slots with the largest number of kids each slot we need to simplify our day. So we ask for credit card payment upfront.

If you really need to pay cash or cheque, contact us and we’ll book it manually and you can give us payment on drop-off.

You have up to 90 minutes away to do anything you like. But you need to be back on time for the next group to have their turn. In order to have three time slots we have to place them back to back.

So we will be charging a $1/minute late fee. Call us if there is a true emergency.